1. How did your South Uist Estates journey begin?
I began working part time for the estate and as a ghillie in the 2021 fishing season before being offered a full time keepers position. Previously I studied gamekeeping at Easton College in Norfolk before working at Estates in England and Scotland.  



2. What is your favourite spot on the island and why?
There are so many special places on the Estate, picking just one favourite is impossible, however being up and out at dawn, just as the sun is coming up, makes anywhere here a great spot to be.  



3. What is your favourite part of the job?
The job with South Uist Estates manages to combine all of my interests and boil them down to just the good stuff. Everything is wild, nothing is artificial or contrived. Here the keepers have to know the land, the weather, the tides, and just what the moon is doing. All this influences our choices as to which little bit of ninety thousand odd acres we might visit that day. 



4. What is your perfect day out on the Estate?
I love all of it, and feel lucky to play any part I can in its upkeep and its future. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in and experience shooting from the largest and most commercial driven days, to a spaniel nosing a pheasant out of a Suffolk hedgerow, but to see wisp after wisp of snipe coming in off of the Atlantic while others jink and flare out of the rushes is the stuff that dreams are made on. Days like that are about as perfect as it can get.  



5. Best Bag? When and Where?
I’ve already seen so many good days here but witnessing a single gun shoot twenty plus wigeon one morning on Loch Bea was one neither of us will forget in a hurry.  



6. South Uist Estate attracts clients back annually, what do you think draws them back each year?
I think guests keep coming back because The Estate is unique in what it offers, its character and its history. I can think of nowhere else that can deliver what we have in such abundance, or in a landscape quite like this.