1. How did your South Uist Estate journey begin?

I grew up shooting in France with my father from the age of 11. My first shooting party in Scotland took place in Uist and I was amazed by the nature and the diversity of this Island. I was seduced by the biodiversity and when I saw an advert looking for gamekeepers I didn’t hesitate to apply for this job. This was a dream come true when I joined the gamekeeping team in 2017.

2. What is your favourite spot on the Estate and why?

My favourite spot on the Estate is Colin de Gleann Choradail, as I have some good memories about this place when I was there for the first time with my clients during rutting season. I still remember the flight of the sea eagles in from of the sea on that day. The view is breathtaking!

3. What is your favourite part of the job?

Each season brings us a huge diversity in our work, which is one of the things I like most about my role as a gamekeeper.  My work varies according to the season; however most of my working time is spent outdoors in all weather conditions. I also enjoy taking time to observe the behaviour of the animals.

4. What is your perfect day out on the Estate?

My perfect day out on the Estate would be a ‘Macnab Challenge’, it is a sporting challenge for any hunter to shoot a stag, shoot a brace (two birds) of grouse and catch a salmon, all in the one day.

5. Best bag? When and where?

The last in my memory was one morning in January 2022. I was on Loch Bee, it is a really unique place on the Island with its impressive diversity of birds and the variety of species. Watching my dog working on the loch, retrieving birds when the weather conditions were challenging is very rewarding.

6. South Uist Estate attracts clients back annually, what do you think draws them back each year?

I think clients are attracted back because of the diversity of the species and the challenge of the shooting because nothing is guaranteed in advance.

7. Looking forward what excites you most about the future of the Estate?

I am very passionate about our local produce and I think we have huge opportunity to offer a range of new products for local people and tourists to discover something different. Our venison and goose is already sold in the local shops and seeing this also being developed into Hebridean Charcuterie is excellent for showcasing the produce of South Uist.