South Uist Loch Guide

From he unique shell sand alkaline machair lochs on the West side to the peaty and acidic moorland hill lochs on the East side. Every loch offers a reward to even the most experienced angler.

The machair lochs are renowned for the quality brown trout and sea trout; some of the best fishing you can experience.

In contrast, the middle and East coast of the Islands have a rugged peaceful beauty of moor and hills leading to sheltered skerries, perfect for wild brown trout; a smaller but sportier fish. The hard won fish in the hills of South Uist are a challenge for even the experienced angler.

South Uist Estates Premier Fishing Guide

South Uist Estates
Premier Fishing Guide

The authors John Steele & Norman R. Binnie are the great grandchildren of Thomas MacLellan and Alexander MacCormick respectively who were the ghillies on the Premier Fishing Lochs of South Uist Estate one hundred years ago.


We hope this book gives an appropriate angling continuity and is both an enjoyable read and useful reference companion in its own right.



Brown Trout

East Bee (Loch Bi)
Grogarry (Loch Groigearraidh)
Stilligarry (Loch Stadhlaigearraidh)
Druidibeg (Loch Druidibeg)
Aili’s Loch (Loch a’ Chnoic Bhuidhe)
Altabrug (Loch Altabrug)
West Ollay (Loch Olaidh an Iar)
Mid Ollay (Loch Olaidh Meadhanach)
Bornish (Loch Bhornais)
Upper Bornish (Loch Bhornais Uarach)
Upper Kildonan (Loch Chill Donnain Uarach)
Mill (Loch na Muilne)
Sgairbh (Loch Aird an Sgairbh)
Hallan (Loch Hallan)

Salmon & Sea Trout

Castle (Loch an Eilein)
Schoolhouse (Loch an Taigh-sgoile)
Howmore River
Roag (Loch Rodhag)
Upper Roag
Lower Kildonan (Loch Chill Donnain)
Mill (Loch na Muilne)
Bharp (Loch a’ Bharp)

Loch Comparison